Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God's Funny

i find that God has a sense of humor

because what i've found interesting is that God has given me a lot of gifts and has moulded me into who i am and i've become aware of a lot of things and He has prepared me by feeding me knowledge, thoughts and wisdom so i was happy but not knowing that he has done all this and being oblivious to it all

BUT then all of a sudden BOOM God pushes me to use what i have acquired to help others and its not one of those simple nudges but a strong forced pushed and i don't really have a choice at this point

like i wasn't given an option or a return point hence why i "hate" God
because i find sometimes he has a sense of humor

but all i know is that this was all apart of God's plan for me and well i have to follow it otherwise there maybe consequences


  1. Hate is a pretty strong word my friend...

  2. Hey Ray! You know who I am. Thanks for telling me about God's Plan today! :) Yeh God has the biggest/craziest/funniest sense of humour! He cracks the funniest jokes, but at the time, it definetly wasn't a joke for me :(

    Yeh Hate is a strong word - but you can't help but feel it sometimes. I will get back to the EYE thing soonish.