Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God's Funny

i find that God has a sense of humor

because what i've found interesting is that God has given me a lot of gifts and has moulded me into who i am and i've become aware of a lot of things and He has prepared me by feeding me knowledge, thoughts and wisdom so i was happy but not knowing that he has done all this and being oblivious to it all

BUT then all of a sudden BOOM God pushes me to use what i have acquired to help others and its not one of those simple nudges but a strong forced pushed and i don't really have a choice at this point

like i wasn't given an option or a return point hence why i "hate" God
because i find sometimes he has a sense of humor

but all i know is that this was all apart of God's plan for me and well i have to follow it otherwise there maybe consequences

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

change for change

ok now since i've worked at coles before and also been a customer there is a interesting game out there [well for me anyways] is that who will get the coin and will it pass :D

how it works is when u get change from buying stuff, sometimes you get those overseas money which can't be used anywhere DON'T exchange it back for proper change keep it and see if you can pass it off to someone else. As in go and buy something from another store and use that exact same coin and try to get rid of it XD (more fun if its not NZ money because its too close to AUS money)

and its more fun if you can pass it off to your friend XP

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help me!!!

Wanting help but not asking

Have you ever done something hard for example lifting a heavy box and wanting help but not asking for it hoping for a good samaritan to come by and help you and when that good samaritan comes by and asks "do you need any help?" and then you do something stupid and go "no.. its ok" and they leave but inside ur like dying for that help ^^"

and it also works the other way of being the good samaritan, when you see someone who needs help doing something and you go in your head "hmm... should i help or not? ... yeah i should help :)" so you go help and get rejected ^^" because they either

A: going through what i just talked about
B: they actually don't need you help
C: they just think you're weird and stalking them
D: OF COURSE they want ur help can't you see how hard it is

its a pretty funny dilemma when i think about it :)

Monday, November 23, 2009


Well today i push my fitness level kinda

yeah i went for a bike ride today to the Logan water tower out near kuraby and it was a tough battle going up a very very steep hill at the start and end because i live on a hill basically and no matter which direction i go i always end up having to ride up a hill on the way home = ='

It was alright only took 3 short 2min breaks and drank half a 600ml bottle of water, reason i only drank half the bottle was because i didnt want to run out of water lol

but yeah it was a high achievement for me today because i didnt expect to get that far but i was able to make it. In the end it was quite a trip as well making 3 wrong turns which cost me a lot because all those wrong turns were uphill = ="

but it was pretty cool i got to see a wedding while i was riding which so happen to be at my one and only plan pit stops beside a lake but meh... since it was a really nice place to choose a wedding, so i didnt mind that much

but yeah im planning to make a mockumentary of this experience which will be up one day :D
it would be great if you could help or just wanna come along for the ride, all thats required is a bike and a determined heart =D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who do you trust?

hmm... Driving

i reckon there's no such thing as dangerous driving (talking about friends only) because the way i see it is if you trust them enough to drive you then your fine

because a lot of people go man u drive so fast or dangerous <== not talking about myself/kinda, maybe i don't know ^^

but really to them its safe because they drive that many times that they know how to change lanes and know how to fit in really tight gaps and stuff. So its really if you trust them enough to drive you from point A to B :D

Like everyone can say I'm a Safe driver because i don't speed or whatever the reason but really you don't know if you are a safe driver until you actually ask people is what i reckon (Warning if you ask you better be ready to take it)

but all i know is tat i got 3 different driving styles
By myself: I test out cornering and lane changing
with someone who trust me: i just drive normal with some speeding +other stuff but still "Safe"
with someone that I've never driven before: i drive like I'm on my L's :(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All nighters

Last night was the 2nd/1st all nighter i ever had and you know what its not actually tat bad :D because the thing i found cool about the all nighter is that it doesnt feel so long and it was nice hearing the birds sing in the morning as for the sun rise i didnt care about tat much because i wasnt in a nice place to see one.

reason for 2nd was because my first all nighter was at schoolies and where i was a bum and had no where to sleep because i didnt plan a place to sleep before i went down so went fishing all night :D

but 1st all nighter is because i spent it doing my assignment and surprisingly i felt like i had more energy than normal because i went to play sport instead of choosing to sleep lol and i dont regret it (but really i should because the assignment was really rushed in the end). but in the end i dont plan on doing all nighters again.

ah... well i can finally go to sleep but too bad i have to wake up early tomorrow :(

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Stand in front of ME!!!!

man i gotta start blogging more its been like a month or more since last blog
anyways back to the topic Don't Stand in front of me

yea... u know how when ur just staring off into the distance like when ur waiting for the bus and looking in tat direction or just sitting down waiting for the next class and u just start randomly at a wall or something :S

i find it really annoying when someone just comes from where ever and stands directly in front of you blocking what u were just staring and what gets even more annoying is that u the can't look at that point anymore because if would just be Awkward...

eg. if it was a girl they would think im into them or something
if it as a guy it will end up in a fight or something like tat

hmm.... i wonder whats the best solution to this actually either stare at them till they move
find a new point to blank stare at (which i find annoying because then ur head isn't straight anymore)
move somewhere else where u can blank stare lol <== tats just annoying
what do u readers think the best thing would be?